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A colourful world


Ivana Korolija was born in Belgrade and since 1990s lives in Barcelona. University of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 1980.

Her artistic trajectory alternates between various disciplines: she has exhibited paintings, jewellery and objects; worked on diverse projects for film, TV and theatre as costume and set designer; made jewellery and accessories for fashion designers and has collaborated with editorials and interior design and fashion magazines in Spain and former Yugoslavia.

As a Multidisciplinary artist, she creates her colourful world, using different techniques and researching all kinds of materials. In her collage works, often applies the mosaic on a painted background. The dress within the painting comprises of transparent celluloid sheets, used in film, theatre and photography in order to change and intensify the light and colour. Along with celluloid, using acrylic, ink, pastels, chalks, gauze, feathers, inert materials, she creates an ethnic world, dominated by bright colours that fills it with life.

Osier, seeds, stones and other sources of the nature are the materials used by Ivana Korolija to create unique pieces of jewellery and objects, that somehow connects us to other ancient times and crafts developed by traditional healers and shamans.

The disasters of war changed the course of her original artistic tendencies and have led her to implement projects of social integration and dialogue among cultures through creative workshops, in collaboration with NGO-s of the Balkan region